About us

We take pride in our expertise in data-science and marketing,
which allows our clients to make the right decisions.

We emerged from a powerful synergy

Marketing Intelligence.io unique system embodies a long-awaited combination of marketing technology, data-science and consultancy. Contrary to other partial solutions that try to solve various individual marketing challenges, out system enables companies to take advantage of all of the available data. We have created a flexible system that comprises of two main pillars: 

  • advanced online (and mobile) data-analytics tool, and
  • real-time personal care from one (or more) of our experts 

We believe that effective marketing can be recognised by whether it enables marketers to fully utilise their creative capacity as technology aids their decision-making and data predict its potential impacts. 

It has now been 10 years ago since we embarked on the mission to push the boundaries of marketing with technology. In the past, we have developed technologies that gained us recognition by Facebook as the top Global Facebook Marketing Partner, and by Google as the Google Technology Partner.

With our unique system, we will help you to eliminate the dependency on siloed data solutions and enable you to gain a helicopter view giving you complete and up-to-date control, along with personal care from a team of data-scientists, technology professionals and experienced marketers. 

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