How to set basics business goals? / Part 3

From economic terminology, I would like to use the term “marginal utility theory” here. It simply describes a development where each additional profit unit purchased is more expensive than the previous unit. In other words, you usually buy your most loyal (VIP) customers from the region of your business and for a significantly lower price […]

Why do the tools for processing data from marketing channels show me different numbers? / Part 2

In the following article, you will learn not only which tools you can monitor data on user behavior on the web and the cost of obtaining them. But at the same time, you will gain an awareness of how this data is processed and where its boundaries end to discover the necessary facts. What is important for the identification of important business data and the resulting information (professionally referred to as KPIs)?

Find your business potential through marketing data / Part 1

The content of the following 4 articles was created with the aim of creating a comprehensive overview of the most important data sources, which we recommend for e-shop management using the most well-known external tools. In the realm of e-commerce business, you can have two best friends who will show you the way to success – online marketing and data. Based on results and analyses, you can find the right key to fulfilling your business potential.