Join COVID response program for Ecommerce

In direct collaboration with Facebook, we have created a program that helps ecommerce companies to stay profitable and capture opportunities created by COVID.

We have aggregated knowledge gained from 300+ global ecommerce companies and 10.000+ local ecommerce players using our technologies and we are dedicating our team and technologies to help eligible ecommerce companies implement technologies and adopt COVID response marketing strategies with financial contribution from Facebook.

Participants in this program receive following:

  1. Implementation of worth 5.000 EUR (consists of 5 mandays of data scientists and senior consultants to interconnect your marketing data into actionable insights) 
  2. Free analysis of potential savings and growth opportunities based on data-driven models
  3. Free consultations for 1 month

Eligibility criteria for participants:

  1. Must be approved by Facebook FMP team
  2. Commit to spend at least 5.000 EUR on Facebook advertising
  3. Commit to cooperate and be actively involved in the program
  4. Commit to pay at least 1 month of infrastructure costs for (using Amazon Web Services)

Check your eligibility for this program: