Turn Data into Insights

Data Analytics

Find Signal in the Noise and Turn Your Data into Insights and Action

Our Offering in Data Analytics Includes

  • Customer data analytics – customer segmentation and profiling, churn prediction, propensity modelling, next best offer models
  • Customer journey analytics
  • Predictive customer lifetime value modelling
  • Forecasting – predict key business metrics based on both internal trends and external factors. Scenario modelling.
  • Attribution modelling – data driven attribution models to measure the incremental business value of all touchpoints and understand role of each channel in the customer journey
  • Social media analytics
  • Campaign performance evaluation – from influencer campaigns to TV to Facebook – we can evaluate marketing campaigns both in terms of short term impact and long-term effect
  • ROPO effect measurement
  • Offline media (TV, radio, print, OOH) ROI measurement
  • Experiments design and evaluation – evaluate a/b tests, pricing tests, promotions,…
  • Business impact evaluation – evaluate the impact business changes such as changes in distribution channels, retail store network, customer service / experience changes, market-level events and changes etc.

Every Company Has a Different Path to Sustainable Growth. To Help You Find It, We Work with You to Harness the Right Combination of Data, Analytics, Technology, and Strategy. And We Believe that Building Your Future also Relies on Helping You Build the Skills, Knowledge, and Confidence You Need to Sustain Your Journey.