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Marketing Data Tracking Ready for Post-Cookie World

ITP, ad blockers, app-tracking, mobile, privacy regulation compliance, 3rd party cookie deprecation…all these make building a robust solution for tracking a challenge nowadays. We have deep expertise in designing and building end-to-end reliable tracking frameworks that are ready for a cookieless world.

Our Services in This Area Include

  • Audits of current web- and app- tracking setup
  • Solution design – what needs to be tracked, how the data is to be enriched, transformed and moved to other platforms to improve performance
  • Google Analytics 4 migration and setup
  • Offline conversions upload automation
  • Tracking data enrichment with offline signals
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Consent management platforms advisory and implementation
  • Tag management, Google Tag Manager
  • Support for data-layer changes
  • Moving to server-side tracking (server-side GTM)
  • Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) implementation
  • TikTok API
  • Google Ads API
  • Mobile app analyticsAppsflyer, Firebase

Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) in Detail

Facebook Conversion API (further as FB CAPI) is a way to avoid losing data due cookies blocking, browser loading errors, ad blockers, iOS 14+ changes and other effects that have impact on your Facebook campaign performance. Soon the most widely used web browser Google Chrome is going to limit 3rd party cookies which will affect measured data via Facebook pixel even more. Use FB CAPI to mitigate these issues and get even more benefits.

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