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Measure marketing in a cookieless world. Improve your marketing ROI.

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What is MMM?

Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) is a tool to
1) Measure the real impact of marketing channels, campaigns and non-marketing activities on sales and other business
KPIs – it allows the advertiser to understand true channel ROI and impact of online + offline media, competitor activity, market trends or discounting…

2) Optimize marketing budget allocation across channels fix marketing waste and invest into channels with real incremental impact & understand how each is saturated or can be scaled with more investment.

Resistant to Tracking Issues

MMM is a privacy-first solution

No need for user-level data = no consent and tracking issues

Solution ideal for post-cookie world

Fix Marketing Waste

Marketing budgets are under
pressure during economic downturn
– fix any marketing waste quickly

Prove advertising ROI – of both upper and lower funnel activities

Continuous insights

Traditional MMM used to be a complex expensive exercise available only to the largest advertisers.

Modern approaches have made MMM more reliable, affordable and highly automated

Additional services & Solutions

  • Experiment design + evaluation
  • Media effectiveness testing
  • Attribution modelling
  • Marketing Measurement Maturity Model
  • Marketing Data + Measurement Strategy 
  • Data engineering

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