Control how strong are your competitors on Google and make sure they are not eating your lunch

TLDR: Brands are living in a competitive environment where users have multiple options and your competitors are also trying to find the way to win them. You can be one step ahead and monitor their impression-share of your best keywords and react automatically on every move that they do (to make sure they are not eating your lunch)

We have worked with many brands across the world and found out that there are usually certain search keywords that are critical for the brand in their lower funnel – let’s call them juicy keywords. Traffic from these juicy keywords has higher conversion rates, time on site and other parameters – simply put, they bring users that are very likely to become your future customers. Think of it in this example – let’s say that you are one of the top car dealers in your country, you invest heavily in TV and outdoor to create interest for your hottest deals and to increase awareness of your brand. In the pre-internet era that would be enough and people would go directly to your branches but according to GE Capital Retail Bank 81% of retail shoppers conduct online research before buying any product that they are not buying frequently. You can imagine that buying a new car is definitively this case. So the user starts searching originally inspired by your TV ad but the chance that they use your brand in a search query is as you can see in a chart below surprisingly low because people are primarily searching for products or services, not for a brand. 


Therefore, the ability to win them with your juicy keywords makes the whole difference between winning a new customer or not.

The challenge is that your competitors certainly have their own juicy keywords that are overlapping with yours. So in our hypothetical example let’s say that your TV ad created urgency not to miss a 10% discount on all cars and extended warranties only till the end of the month. Unfortunately, users will not go directly to your website but will search for a lot of different queries where 81% might not even contain your brand and that is where overlap with your competitors comes in place. You have paid a lot of money to inspire people to think about buying a car and they finished landing on the website of your competitor filling in the test drive form because they are also bidding on your juicy keywords? OK we cannot erase the competitors but do you have any idea what your share of this competition is for your juicy keywords? How can you make sure that your share is increasing for a reasonable price?

We have seen a lot of businesses struggle with this dilemma. You cannot find the data about how much your competitors are bidding and what your impression share is for your juicy keywords in Google ads buying interface. So most marketers are simply bidding very high hoping that their competitors would not have the same idea. But unfortunately they have the same idea. Therefore we have decided to crack it.

Imagine that you have the data that your competitors do not and you see what they are doing and can react to this even automatically to make sure you have an impression share that you need and you are harvesting the most juicy words whilst they are overbidding themselves with other competitors and losing money.

Sounds like a dream? No – thanks to our partnership with Google and scalable access to their marketing APIs where our technologies are influencing 50M USD annual ad spend, we have created a component of that is able to measure impression share that your website has against the websites of your competitors on specific keywords. This way, you can see your share (see the grey line in the chart below) and which competitors are attacking your positions and how successfully (every coloured line is one competitor that is bidding to your juicy keyword):

It is also able to measure how aggressively your competitors are bidding to be on the first page and whether your adjustments actually helped you to get where you need.

Moreover, we can give you precise data on how many competitors are actually bidding for your keywords, if a certain competitor started bidding on your keywords and much more. 

All these are aimed to help you be ahead of your competitors and support our mission to make sure you are investing your money in the most profitable way. Therefore we have a team of analytics and data scientists that will help you make the data actionable.

Let us know if you want to receive a free analysis of the impression share you have within your competitors. We will be happy to push the boundaries of marketing.

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