Optimize your Marketing Mix and Improve your ROI and Cost Efficiency

Marketing Mix Modelling

What is Mi.MMM

Understand the Real Impact of your Marketing Activities

Mi.MMM is an automated modern marketing mix modelling  solution for marketing managers, CMOs and other executives with marketing and revenue responsibility to understand and measure the incremental value of marketing and to optimize the budget allocation in order to significantly improve their marketing ROI.

Mi.MMM is designed to help you solve today's key challenges in measurement and marketing cost efficiency

Get clear recommendations for a more effective budget allocation across online and offline channels

Challenge 1

Missing actionable insights For key Marketing questions

Despite having reports and analytics in every possible tool, marketing and revenue executives still don’t get actionable insights and answers to the key questions.

How much sales (online and offline) did each media channel drive?

How would sales be impacted if I made "X" change to my marketing plan?

How much incremental revenue do trade and promotional activities drive?

How should I allocate budget by channel in order to maximize my KPIs?

What is the optimal level of spend for each marketing channel?

Where should the dollars come from if I needed to cut my marketing budget by X %?

Challenge 2

Measuring and optimizing ROI is becoming more difficult

  • iOS 14 changes
  • 3rd party cookies deprecation
  • Consumer moving between online and offline all the time
  • 10+ internet connected devices per household on average
  • Explosive growth of marketing tools each having their own reporting methodology to “prove” their value
  • Decline in trackability making difficult to get reliable insights from Multi-Touch Attribution tools

Example Results with an Online European DTC Brand

Identify Hidden Opportunities for Growth or Cost Savings

Channel ROI results

Improvement by using a different budget allocation (same total, but redistributed among channels, accounting for diminishing returns):
+ 14 % revenue


Automated MMM Solution Based on Machine Learning

Budget Optimizer

Find the best allocation of marketing budget among all channels to achieve best possible revenue.

Clear recommendations where you should increase / descrease spend and by how much.

Typical opportunity is 8-15% of cost savings.

Understanding incrementality

Identify true incremental effect on revenue (or profit or app installs or new customer acquisition…).

Mi.MMM can be calibrated using marketing tests and experiments for ground truth.

Identify and measure long term effect of brand building or other non-performance marketing activities.

Planning And Scenario Modelling

Model various scenarios “what would happen if I change investment in channel X by Y” using intuitive UI.

Try different constraints such as “Investment into TV can increase by 20% maximum over last year” and find best budget allocation given those constraints.

Incorporate expected changes in media prices.

Automated data Integration

Online media data, offline media data, external signals like weather etc – all can be ingested automatically.

Market and competitor level data.

Continuous Insights

Daily updated model results and insights available to you through UI and integration to leading BI tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Google Data Studio,…).

Results and signals from Mi.MMM can be integrated with your bidding platforms and tools.

Cookieless & Privacy-Safe

No need for user-level data or cookies-based data.

Privacy-first solution.

How Much Does it Cost



$ 2499 one-time fee
  • One time MMM analysis
  • Data preparation and assessment
  • Comprehensive output with recommendations on marketing spend optimization
  • Executive summary for CMO
  • Workshop with our consultants to discuss results


$ 659 monthly
  • Automated MMM, daily updates
  • Budget optimizer
  • Tableau, PowerBI or Google Data Studio visualizations
  • Continuous insights and daily results update
  • 1 running model
  • Automated data ingestion + preparation
  • No long-term commitment
  • Support via email
  • No IT needed for implementation


Ask for a quote
  • For larger teams with custom data and analytics needs
  • Unlimited models (eg for multiple brands, countries or business KPIs)
  • Custom optimization tasks
  • Dedicated consultant / analyst
  • Regular insights and recommendations for your marketing team
  • Internal team training
  • Enterprise-level SLA
  • Cloud or on-premise deployment


Marketing Mix Modelling and Attribution Modelling have the same basic goal: measure the business impact of marketing channels and find out how to allocate marketing budget between channels in order to achieve the best possible results. The key difference between the two methods is that MMM analyzes effectiveness of marketing budget distribution from a top-down perspective, while attribution models are calculated at the level of a specific user (bottom-up approach).