Onboarding process

We work effectively

  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is signed to warrant client’s privacy 
  • We assess your situation and key challenges
  • We research your industry, business and your goals (KPIs)
  • You easily grant us access rights to your Google Analytics, Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager (incl. Instagram, Messenger), or other channels.
  • We create Marketing Data Warehouse for you in order to protect your sole ownership of all data, which guarantees retaining control of data and data security.
  • We automate and regularly service data collection and other processes.
  • We analyse your Google Analytics data and assign costs to online events accordingly
  • We group marketing channels according to your preferences (sorting by media, campaigns, or other) to facilitate your navigation
  • We customise the key metrics according to your needs and maximise the clarity and accuracy of predictions    
  • We use our experiences identify the ideal data-driven attribution 
  • We employ machine learning to generate forecasts focusing on your goals
  • You are presented with forecasts of key results for the upcoming 3 months

  • We present you with comparison of your plans and forecasted results
  • We personally analyse the forecasted data and inspect budget inefficiencies
  • We identify potential for growth and cost reduction, and recommend next steps

  • We help you develop your team or challenge your agency


  • We set up regular creation of automatically generated reports
  • You automatically track your progress and measure effectiveness of your activities in relation to your business goals    
  • You can quickly asses the results anytime you wish (e.g. on your smartphone)

  • Once cost reduction is automatized and proves itself to be a valuable asset, you may also integrate other systems, for example CRM which allows for including your customer data in your data-driven decision making.


1st week
1st meeting
2nd week
Technical implementation
3rd week
Data science
4th week
Forecasting & consultancy

(identification of the potential for growth and cost-reduction)

Automatization & ongoing improvement

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