Product Portfolio Optimization for E-commerce & Retail

Measuring and optimizing the performance of your product portfolio

  • Do your teams have easy access to reliable SKU profitability data?
  • Can you accurately allocate marketing costs to SKU level?
  • Which products help you acquire high-value customers?
  • Is the recent peak in an SKU sales caused by organic growth or is it an effect of increased bidding on Google and Meta?
  • Which products should you prioritize in acquisition promotions? And which in retention programs?
  • Do your marketing and category management & sales teams have unified data to work in full alignment or are there frictions stemming from each team having their “version of data”?
  • Which product sales are primarily driven by your brand and which are incremental to it?

 Product portfolio remains the most powerful business performance lever for retailers & e-commerce businesses and yet many still struggle even with areas like calculating transactional profitability of their SKUs.