The building blocks of our tailored solutions

marketing intelligence system

We build a data warehouse that collects data of our clients and we then provide easy-to-use tools which  automate marketing processes such as channel optimisation. The tools’ interface presents key data in the context of all marketing channels and thus facilitates real-time decision-making. As the result, our clients benefit from gaining actionable insight generated from external data sources such as Google Analytics, Google ads  or Facebook (and more).

connecting your current systems

We integrate your currently used systems into the marketing intelligence system we have built. For example, by securely connecting your CRM or accounting system and employing our machine learning technology to these,  the life-time value of each of your customers can be calculated, along with other crucial information such as customer acquisition/retention costs. As the result, you will be able to significantly improve your strategies and adjust your activities in order to maximise their cost-effectiveness.

data-scientists at hand anytime

We ensure that our clients identify new opportunities for business growth and they eliminate inefficient marketing investments. Our consultancy typically starts with initial audit of your current marketing data, continues with forecasting of your future business results, and ends with practical recommendations on improvements that will lead to over-acheiving your original goals. Some of our clients, however, use this service in order to be able to challenge their current agencies, and we are always glad to help with it too. 

inhousing data-driven marketing

We help our clients gain control over their marketing data and thus gain independency on multiple agencies. We can assist you in your transition to data-driven digital marketing, educate and train your marketing team, and ensure that they gain all support they need at any time. This allows you to prevent irrelevance on the market and significantly save costs connected to finding and hiring expensive data scientists, analytics experts and researchers. We will help you to grow your own internal dream team. 

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