Marketing Measurement Framework

What is the best approach how to create an infrastructure of marketing data that gets you reliable answers to your crucial business questions? If you are unsure about the incremental value of your trade or promotions we provide a groundwork for the marketing data-driven process.

MMM Business Proof Introduction

MMM has now become the #1 marketing tactic tool advertisers have adopted. Get to know more about Marketing Mix Modelling solutions for CMOs, marketing managers, and other executives with marketing and revenue responsibility to measure marketing ROI in a more holistic way.

Measurement in a Cookieless World

There is no doubt about it – we are moving into a “post-cookie” world which will have a profound impact on marketers and the ways they use data to optimize and measure their campaigns…
It is not unusual that brands today miss 40-50% of user data behaviour due to missing consent or technical changes on iOS or browser side. Can you then rely on your attribution solution at all? Do you systematically use your first-party data to improve your marketing ROI? Brands that want to compete successfully in this new environment must develop capabilities in the following areas:​