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How do we work?

Learning & listening

Once we fully understand your business goals, your situation and the way your business operates, we collect and dive into the data coming from all of your marketing channels.

Scientifically treating your data

By creating your own data warehouse and applying machine learning to your historical data, we develop marketing forecasts and measure the effect of various media on your business goals.

Focusing on your growth

Our analytics experts team up with your marketing team to maximise effective use of data as well as marketing costs. Moreover, we further develop your marketing team so that your marketing data can become one of your leading business assets. 

Empower your marketing team with us

Let us provide your marketing team with data-based insight and assist the team in effective use of the data.


Receive the following from us on a regular basis: 

  • Up-to-date forecasts (online and even on a smartphone)
  • 24/7 consultancy and assistance
  • Improvement recommendations (e.g. automatization)
  • Competitor and industry analysis
  • Marketing team development

Our solution is always tailored

Data-Driven Attribution Modelling

We precisely forecast the future development of your marketing channels and the evolution of your customers’ lifetime value, which allows us to provide you with a complete picture of your current effectiveness and your future opportunities. 

Machine Learning

We apply machine learning to data sources such as your Google Analytics, Facebook and Google Ads in order to gain insight into the true impact of your marketing activities on your goals, which enables you to fully exploit the  potential of your campaigns.

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What our clients say about us

  • Thanks to, we have been able to effectively implement a time-saving and fully operational solution that integrates all of our online traffic data and interconnects the data with our internal offline data system.

    David Arzt
    CMO, Gulf Brokers
  • has always fascinated me with the incredibly wide range of expertise stretching to all the needed spheres of marketing.

    Adam Zamojski
    CRM & Performance Marketing Manager, Sportisimo