Marketing Measurement & Optimization

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Measure Effectivenes & Prove Marketing Value
  • Prove marketing value on financial outcomes. Defend your budget
  • Brand & Performance Media. Online & Offline Media.
  • Impact of promotions, pricing or competitor activity on your sales
  • Understand which channels are still scalable
Optimize Media Investments & Improve ROI
  • How to allocate budget to maximize our sales?
  • Deliver more profit from your marketing
  • Easily plan multiple budget scenarios and their expected effects
  • Forecast the impact of planned campaigns


Deployed production MMM models in the past 12 months

160 m+ USD

marketing spend measured and optimized Through our Systems

100 +

Evaluated tests and experiments in the past 12 months

Our solutions

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AI based Marketing Mix Modelling

Marketing Mix Modelling (MMM) is a solution to measure the ROI of marketing channels and activities, understand the saturation of each channel and optimize marketing ROI through better allocation of your budget across channels.

MMM enables advertisers understand which activities actually drive business results and to what extent they are scalable.

360° Marketing Measurement

Combine multiple methods – MMM, Experiments & Incrementality Tests, Attribution modelling – to get a complete picture of your marketing performance and ensure that all measurement methods work on high quality data.

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