Data & Measurement Strategy

Translate Abundance of Data into Action and Better Decisions

Brands today have an abundance of various data from many internal and external sources but they are often hampered by inconsistencies, low quality, and/or low trust – with every platform “pushing” its own truth and over-reporting its value. Data is kept in silos, each team having its own copies with little re-use, this resulting in ballooning total costs of storage and processing.

What data you should collect, at what frequency and granularity, how you should measure impact and how to translate all this into strategic decisions, how to make sure everything is privacy-compliant and ready for the decline of cookies – we can help you with that.

Our Services in This Area Include

  • Assessment of your current data + measurement situation and maturity
  • Identifying how data can help company meet business objectives
  • Designing modern data infrastructure
  • Organizational design: roles and skills needed, organizational changes needed to unlock the business value of data available
  • Data governance advisory
  • Measurement framework for post-cookie and privacy-first world – where you no longer can rely on pixel-observed conversions and where there are major gaps in tracking,…

Every Company Has a Different Path to Sustainable Growth. To Help You Find It, We Work with You to Harness the Right Combination of Data, Analytics, Technology, and Strategy. And We Believe that Building Your Future also Relies on Helping You Build the Skills, Knowledge, and Confidence You Need to Sustain Your Journey.